Your project is more than a task;
it's our Priority.

We look for opportunities to save our customers money. Are we able to dispose on site? Can materials be reused? Can the engineer make minor tweaks to save the customer large dollars? We’re in the project with you and looking out for your best interests.


You can expect our proposals to have 4 components.



A detailed scope that demonstrates we understand your needs. The scope should contain all material quantities and turnkey pricing. We will bid your materials to multiple vendors to ensure we are giving you the best option.



It takes time and effort to get our equipment to your work site. We strive to minimize this cost through having our own CDL drivers and hauling equipment ourselves.



This cost is tied to the machine hours of your project. It’s a percentage that can fluctuate from very low on material heavy jobs to about 3% on labor heavy jobs.



We want to be transparent about what is not included. This section is not a CYA, but your chance to ask clarifying questions. This isn’t carved in stone and we can expand the scope to fit your needs.

icon Net 30 terms are available - depending on the project’s size and scope.

Transparent Pricing


Any questions?
We got you.

We are clear with our messaging around pricing. It benefits both Pronto's and the customer's to have a clear understanding on pricing.

You say that if the scope doesn't change, the price will not change. What if I need to make a minor change to the scope?
Our pricing is based on Time for labor, Materials, Mobilization of equipment and Fuel. If your change doesn't have an impact on any of these, then it shouldn't have any impact on pricing. We just need to make sure we get it clearly communicated so we can avoid any rework.
What happens if we have a weather event during the project. Could that change your pricing?
We don't use weather to change order our customers. However, if your project date driver is more important than waiting for the conditions to improve, there could be a change order. For example, if the ground is holding water, and you do not want to wait for conditions to improve. It could incur more material (hydrated lime) and effort to dewater the work site. We pass these through to the customer at the best possible prices.
Are all of your projects fixed-bid / turnkey?
We can do Time + Materials based projects when the scope is not well-established beforehand. An example of this is an Engineered Pad, where the soil engineer gives instructions to excavate some depth and proof roll to check conditions. In this case, if the proof roll fails, we will have to continue excavation, consuming more time and more materials to build the pad. We establish our rates and estimate on a common expectation basis, but there is room for change based on the soil engineer's instructions.