Pronto is a heavy equipment operations company. Below are some typical Pond related services that we perform. If it can be performed with a machine, we've got you covered. If you don't see what you are looking for, give us a call at (832) 244-3456 or use our contact form to get a call back from us. Pronto is a member of the BBB of Houston and the Greater Houston Builders Association as well as several other professional organizations. We take our reputation and our customer satisfaction seriously.

Typical Services:


Since Hurricane Harvey flooded the Greater Houston area, the county has increased the detention requirements for new construction. Dry detention ponds temporarily hold runoff and slowly release and help filter the water to the county and city storm system.


This is what people think of when they say, "pond". These ponds are designed to retain the water. The design is important to ensure managed algae growth and proper heat & oxygen management if you want to have fish or similar in your pond.


These ponds are a growing trend for people wanting to ditch the harsh chemicals and expensive upkeep of a swimming pool. These ponds are lined and filtered to give you clean and clear water.


We can work with any manufacturer called for in your plans. We property excavate, stabilize, place and active your lift stations to ensure the proper function of your detention system for years to come.


Pronto has large and compact excavators with expert operators.


Pronto performs a wide range of trenching services for utilities, storm sewer and drainage. We can handle small detailed trenches to large scale step-wall trenches.


Your area changes over time. Sinking areas and areas with clay just under the surface can start to hold water. Once this process has started, it will get worse over time. Pronto can bring in material to raise low-laying areas or grade the material you already have onsite to improve your drainage situation.


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How We Work:

Pond projects are an interesting scope of work. Sometimes our customer cares more about aesthetics in a decorative or swimming pond. Sometimes they care more about passing the closing inspection on their permits. Either way, Pronto is here to to listen to what is driving your project and ensure you get the results you are looking for.

From first contact to pre-construction planning and post-construction wrap-up, you will find Pronto to be open, honest, and invested in your success. A typical project looks something like this:

  1. Contact Pronto by (832) 244-3456 or use our Contact Form.
  2. We will come for a site visit to ensure we understand the project scope.
  3. We will provide you with a detailed and written Proposal for your project.
  4. When you accept the Proposal, we will Schedule your project and set Timing Expectations.
  5. We will review the Completed Scope with you to ensure you are satisfied with the work performed.
  6. Lastly, we will send you an Invoice and request your Review for the Services Performed.


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Whether you want a pond for aesthetics, storm management or livestock, Pronto can bring your vision to life.

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Do I need a permit to add a pond?
I get this question a lot. It really depends on your location and property characteristics. Ponds are considered impervious surfaces. If you are adding impervious surfaces, your municipality can require a permit. I have heard of cases where the municipalities required permits years after the pond is built.
I want to add a large pond for fish. What special considerations would this type of project have?
Fish do not like the Summer heat. However, algae loves heat. You need to have a pond of at least 4+ feet in depth. I have seen sites that say 2-4 feet, but I don't think that works for the Gulf region. The Summer heat can make the whole pond hot, giving you the algae scum across the top and starve your fish for oxygen and a cool place in the heat of the day. You should also consider water ingress / egress and circulation. Pond features can circulate your water and oxygenate it.
My pond keeps drying out. What can be done about that?
There is a bit more than digging a hole in the ground. Some areas have silty sand that allows water to escape back into the ground. Proper pond construction includes evaluating the properties of the pond bottom. If it isn't going to hold water, there are techniques, such as lining with clay or a man-made liner that can dramatically improve the pond's ability to retain water.
I have sections of my yard that hold water and are always mucky and wet. What can Pronto do to help me?
Water flows downhill. Over time, areas of your property can sink (subside) and cause a bowl-like structure that stops the runoff of water. To add to this, the Gulf area has significant amount of clay in the soil. Clay is great for lining a pond to retain water. However, clay just under the surface of your yard will also hold water where you don't want it. We can bring in some material to build up your property, grade the land to ensure water has a clear path to run off. Small drains can be affordably trenched in to drain low laying areas where grading cannot be improved.