Pronto is a heavy equipment operations company. Below are some typical Site Work related services that we perform. If it can be performed with a machine, we've got you covered. If you don't see what you are looking for, give us a call at (832) 244-3456 or use our contact form to get a call back from us. Pronto is a member of the BBB of Houston and the Greater Houston Builders Association as well as several other professional organizations. We take our reputation and our customer satisfaction seriously.

Typical Services:


The pad for your foundation is a crucial component of your foundation. Pronto will ensure the proper pad service with quality material, skilled labor and performance testing with engineering reports to provide you assurance of a good stable base for your project.


Construction entrances are a minimal expense method of providing access to your land. Pronto will provide the materials and labor to quickly place your construction entrance.

DRIVEWAY & ROAD Maintenance

Pronto has the equipment and skills to keep your pipelines, utility lines, fences and facilities cleaned and maintained.


Culverts are an essential part of your drainage system. Improperly stabilized or placed culverts lead to drainage issues that can back up to your property and in some cases fail completely and damage your driveway. Pronto has the skills to avoid this issues or help correct already failing systems.


You want your parking and drive surfaces to be level, stable and perform well over time. We can advise you on how best to stabilize your project, choose the right mix of materials, and how to meet your budget needs.


Pronto's skilled operators can remove that old building and prepare the ground for your new project. Demolition can be a dangerous business. Pronto puts safety and accuracy above profits to ensure customer satisfaction.


Construction sites can be incredibly messy. The large amounts of debris, dirt, materials, and waste can quickly clutter the area, making it not only untidy but also hazardous. Cleaning up these sites can be a daunting task. However, our expert team can efficiently clean your construction site pronto, ensuring the space is safe and tidy for everyone.


On-Time, Professional, Reliable - that's Pronto

We honor our commitments. With our expertise, you can trust that we know what we're doing. And if the project scope remains unchanged, so does our price.


Reliable People


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How We Work:

From first contact to pre-construction planning and post-construction wrap-up, you will find Pronto to be open, honest, and invested in your success. A typical project looks something like this:

  1. Contact Pronto by (832) 244-3456 or use our Contact Form.
  2. We will come for a site visit to ensure we understand the project scope.
  3. We will provide you with a detailed and written Proposal for your project.
  4. When you accept the Proposal, we will Schedule your project and set Timing Expectations.
  5. We will review the Completed Scope with you to ensure you are satisfied with the work performed.
  6. Lastly, we will send you an Invoice and request your Review for the Services Performed.


It’s easy, we’re fast and we’re good.

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Site Work prices are primarily based on time & material. Here are some frequently asked questions on Site Work.

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How long does it take to build a house pad or install a culvert?
First, Pronto will provide a stable cost for your project. If the scope doesn't change, our price will not change. If Pronto estimates 1 day and it becomes 2 days, through no change in scope, the cost will not be passed along to the customer.

Most house pad and culvert projects are a fast 1 to 2 days turnaround. Not all projects are created equal. Some pads can be very tall, requiring multiple lifts (8 inch compacted layers) that can cause the project to run an extra day. Culverts too are quick 1 day projects for a simple 20 ft section. We will come take a look and give you a firm price for your project. Just give us a call at (832) 224-3456.
How much does it cost to get a new culvert installed?
There are a few factors to consider when adding a culvert and entrance to your property. What type of culvert do you want? Concrete Pipe is about 10 times more expensive than the black plastic (HDPE) culvert. How wide of an entrance do you want? How long of an entrance would you like? We will come take a look and give you a firm price for your project. Just give us a call at (832) 224-3456
Do I really need a soil report for my house pad?
The soil report is a step taken to protect you. We work for you on your project. It is up to you if you want to engage a soil engineer for your project.
How can I save money on my house pad?
House pads prices can vary based on a couple of factors. The largest price factor is material. If you have a soil report and we can use the dirt you already have on your property by creating you a new pond for you, then we can save you most or all of the costs associated with material. Plus you get a new pond!